Comments on Instagram: how to talk subscribers

Comments on Instagram: how to talk subscribers

Why do you need instagram buy comments? The most important thing is to increase engagement. The more often the subscriber comments and likes you, the more often your posts will go to the top of his feed, and not go down where he will not see them. Even higher engagement gives you a chance to get to the Recommended tab, where more people will see your post.

But not every post causes an irresistible desire to comment on it. If you want comments, make sure that the person wants to not write the post, but write his opinion. At the same time, so that there is less spam and aggression, hide comments with unwanted words.

How to get comments on Instagram


Ask subscribers a question at the end of the post. Have you ever had this? What did you do? Ask for help or advice, opinions. But do not suck out a finger – like, “Do you like red apples or green apples?” The question should be really interesting for discussion.


If you wrote a post on a resonant (hype) topic, then subscribers will definitely have their own opinion, which you will definitely want to talk about in the comments. Do not miss such opportunities.

Friends / Blogging Chats

If you are just starting out, ask your friends the first time to support you and do not forget to leave a comment. You can also participate in blogging chats, where they gather accounts of similar topics and all comment on each other. When someone has already commented on the post, other people are more likely to join. But over time, this can become noticeable, so develop your account intensively and attract new subscribers, so that gradually there will be more comments from new people.

Comments replies

Be sure to respond to all comments as soon as possible. If the subscriber commented on you, and you didn’t even bother to answer, then this is a shame and this person will not write to you again. Of course, the reaction is different, when you have hundreds of comments, then everyone understands that there are already few chances to get an answer. Although feedback is still needed, respond to at least some of the comments.

Comments in other accounts

Leave comments in other people’s accounts and someone will reciprocate. You can automate the process by mass following (the service will leave comments for you). Not the most honest way, but a working one.


Make a survey and ask to answer either with an emoticon in the comments (each answer has its own emoticon) or write your own variant.

Question answer

Make a post where you invite subscribers to ask any questions on a particular topic, and you will answer either in the comments or in a new post.

Subscribers Information

Ask which city from which, how old, what they are fond of, etc. First tell us about yourself, and then ask your subscribers. Make the next post with the results of such a survey – so you will show that you asked not for show, but you are really interested.

Lists, checklists

Such posts have the most save if they have a lot of useful for subscribers. At the end, ask to supplement your list with your options.

Competitions and Giveaways

When conducting contests and giveaways do one of the conditions for winning a comment under the post.

Failure stories

Instagram – it is about a beautiful life and achieving success. But often it’s the posts about your mistakes that collect the most comments. After all, everyone wants to play the role of a guru and give you good advice.


If you have an interesting life story – make a series out of it and publish in parts. Again, people will want to share their experiences in the comments.

Cheat comments

Using cheat services (for example,, ? instructions) you can make any comments on Instagram from random accounts. In the task you write what comments you want (or you can leave the task empty – then there will be any comments) and users leave them under your post. This will create the appearance of activity in the account and you will not need to ask friends to comment. Suitable for online stores on Instagram.

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