How to choose the best refrigerator repair service?

How do you choose a refrigerator repair service? Do you consult with friends, call the store where you purchased the product, or maybe look on the Internet or rip off the phone number from the announcement on the door? Let's try to consider each approach and find out how it is most convenient and easiest to choose the best home refrigerator repair service. Will we ask friends?

Often people, faced with the need to repair a refrigerator in an apartment or a country house, seek advice from friends who have already been in a similar situation and have repaired their refrigeration unit. In this case, the following scenario awaits them: if acquaintances were satisfied with the repair, they will confidently advise the same refrigerator repair workshop, if the quality of service and repair disappointed, then those who asked for advice are unlikely to resort to the services of this workshop, or even make a decision not repairing your refrigerator at all.


The disadvantages of this approach are that friends have a definite opinion only regarding the repair of a specific refrigerator with a specific defect. They do not have information about the repair of refrigerators of other brands or other malfunctions, so their awareness is limited to a specific product.

Will the consultant in the store tell you?
Unfortunately, a consultant in a home appliance store, as a rule, does not have enough information about refrigerator repair services. He will most likely direct you to the workshop listed on your refrigerator's warranty card. However, in authorized service centers, the cost of repairs is higher, while the professionalism of the master is not always guaranteed, not to mention the timing of the order. Very often, novice specialists work in authorized services for a small fixed salary. True, let's make a reservation: if the warranty period has not expired yet, you have no choice, and you only need to contact an authorized service center.

Will we believe a flyer or a newspaper ad?
This option is perhaps the most risky. It may seem to you that the prices for repairing refrigerators at home at services that post advertising leaflets at the entrances, advertise in newspapers or offer a discount to the bearer of a magnet are lower than usual, but this is an illusion. As a rule, such service centers take advantage of the consumer's lack of reliable information on the market cost of refrigerator repair and overestimate it by at least 30%. There is also the possibility of running into a layman or a self-taught private master. In both cases, there is a risk that you will spend money and time, but your refrigerator will not perform its inherent function: to produce cold.

The Internet knows everything: we read the reviews!
This statement is largely true, but it does not apply to services such as home refrigerator repairs. Reading laudatory and admiring reviews on home repairs on sites, I always ask myself: how did these reviews get there and who wrote them? Think about it too. Indeed, sometimes such Internet resources do not even have an interface for posting reviews.

Of course, you can try to find a good master on the professional forum here Plus Appliance Repair Newmarket . But the disadvantage of this method will again be the overestimated cost of repairs.


And who to believe?
I would recommend looking for a refrigerator repair service online. There are several reasons for this. First, high competition forces site owners to keep prices relatively low. Usually, a network user, before leaving an order, calls several service centers, studies information on repairing refrigerators on specialized sites, i.e. monitors the market, in contrast to the street posting user, which is mainly aimed at the elderly. Secondly, in the future you can always find the site where the order was once placed. After all, in order to create a good website, and then maintain it and promote it in search engines, a lot of money is required, which means that the project is designed for a long time.

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